Aspesi Flagship

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Italian fashion brand has opened a brand new flagship in a former bank.

Aspesi is on a roll again. The iconic Italian apparel brand has seen a thorough corporate restructuring scheme in recent years, and is now once again ready for global expansion. To mark the momentum, Aspesi has relocated its retail space in Milan to brand new premises within the city’s highly prestigious Duomo shopping district.

The new flagship store measures a sizeable 600 sqm. spread across two lower floors of a former bank office. The settings are understated and modern, and aim to reflect Aspesi‘s style and forward vision by way of an eclectic palette of materials such as plexiglass, stone, PVC and steel.

The ground floor is where the men’s collection is presented, walls are plastered in subtle shades of green, soft pink and ochre are paired with floors in inlaid stone, and various industrial-inspired metal furnishings. Adding bright pops of colour are several large-sized PVC panels and a chunky wooden display table takes centre stage.

Upstairs, the women’s domain can be found, and although it features a similar industrial-inspired design, it boasts a more colour-infused palette, different ornamental accents and props that make the setting more playful and feminine.

Source | Superfuture



1st March 2019

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