Are You Mad, the first ever plastic recycling concept shop

Are You Mad – the first visible recycling unit on Carnaby Street. The space exists as both a plastic sorting facility and a retail store. They collect plastic waste from local businesses, shoppers and their growing community, which is then sorted, shredded, and turned into new objects, including the build of the shop itself.

The unit is located at the lower end of Carnaby Street, at 56B. In just 40 days they have diverted 1 tonne of plastic from going to landfills.


Beyond existing as a store, Are You Mad will also be open as a workshop space where customers can bring in their own rubbish, learn about plastic and have the experience to turn their own trash into something creative.

They have been collecting three different types of plastic which they have found through broken hangers, milk bottles, bottle caps, and food crates. These single use items have now found a second life as creative objects. Items can be created as one-off custom products, including coasters, hair combs, incense holders and fruit bowls.

Source | Retail Focus


Jenny Hillier

12th October 2022