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Apple’s new Paris store design blends past, present and a sustainable future.

Hot on the heels of opening its first store in Thailand, Apple now welcomes visitors to another prized location. ‘Apple Champs-élysées’ occupies a haussmann-era apartment building on Paris’ famed avenue. At the centre of the scheme, the inner courtyard has been transformed into ‘Apple’s grandest forum’ — dedicated to the company’s ‘today at Apple’ sessions.

Apple’s design of the store seeks to honor the building’s past, while introducing a series of modern spaces. The façade and entryway have been restored and the burgundy stone of the exterior has been carried throughout the building. French oak parquet floors line the upper levels, which aim to revive the building’s original spirit by restoring the detailing and interconnected spaces of the quintessential Parisian apartment.

Apple says that several of the design features also serve an environmental purpose. A sculptural roof light covers the courtyard, providing sunlight to the space below and generating renewable energy with photovoltaic panels. Meanwhile, an integrated rainwater collection system provides water for the bathrooms, trees, and green walls. As with all of apple’s facilities, the store is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Source | Designboom



14th December 2018

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