Apple Aventura

Apple Aventura embodies Miami’s spirit of openness and generosity, bringing people together under an undulating vaulted roof that is reminiscent of the city’s nautical and architectural roots. The materiality and flowing spaces are inspired by the region’s Art Deco buildings.


The glazed façade blurs the boundary between the interior and exterior, creating a green building with the grove of trees and display tables flowing into the vast double-height hall, sheltered by the extraordinary vaulted roof.

A planted garden welcomes visitors with teak tables and chairs under the dappled shade that mirror the internal layout. Acting as an outdoor Genius Grove and a place for visitors to relax, the design of the garden is a response to Miami’s outdoor lifestyle. The vaulted roof also harvests rainwater that reduces the potable water consumption by around 170,000 gallons annually – a key sustainability measure in an area under significant freshwater stress.


A sweeping flight of steps form the social heart of the store, the amphitheatre. The amphitheatre has leather seating and integrated charging stations where people can watch and experience Apple’s varied programs.

Source | Frame


Ellen McNeelance

4th February 2021

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