High-end designer jewellery brand Âme, has opened a new flagship, located on Spring Street in Soho.

The design took inspiration from the shadows of the undulating cast-iron façades typical of this district. On entering the space, the sharp contrast between the stainless steel polished surfaces of the centrepieces and the peripheral steel paneled walls are immediately obvious, representing how the cast-iron buildings of the area contrast with the daily life of a bustling city.


The main theme of the design is the combination of past, present and future. The duality of the historic architecture of Soho, New York with the cutting-edge modern design inspired by this very architecture, creates an entirely new impression and reflects the very soul of Âme. The dark peripheral envelope of the interior executed with vertically soaring rolled steel panels is a bold and abstract embracing backdrop for the central jewellery displays.


To further enhance Âme’s design strategy, music, scent and touch are all key elements in the sensory retail experience. A bespoke scent created by British perfume designer Azzi Glasser for the brand is a permanent feature present throughout, amplifying the essence of luxury.

Source | Dexigner


Ellen McNeelance

24th February 2020

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