Alexander McQueen Flagship

Alexander McQueen’s new London flagship is not the dark fantasy you’d expect.

This converse speaks to the other extreme of McQueen’s ethos: sinewy structures and mixed-material sculptures by artist Marcela Correa illustrate a fascination for nature and craftsmanship in all forms.

The space will transform every season as different fabrics appear on the store’s façade and in the dressing rooms. Created, woven and embroidered by Sarah Burton and the studio, the textiles don’t stand alone – instead, they become part of the architecture itself. Glass cylinders in the interior reflect and create a connection between the floors. A new cladding material called ‘cotton-crete’, a cotton-based papier mâche, was developed for the space – this is Burton’s first retail environment she’s been able to design herself.

With one floor dedicated to womenswear and another for menswear, the third is an experiential space, one that the team hopes will encourage the formation of a creative community. It’s central for the brand that new talents be nurtured; pieces from the house’s archives and current collection live alongside photography and artwork, and the area can be used to host exhibitions and talks.

The Bond Street flagship is more than just a place to honour McQueen: it’s a place to admire the fantasy others are empowered to create because of him.

Source | Frame



7th February 2019

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