A curved wooden framework is used to define the space of new Tokyo Aesop interior.

Although already present with a store in Shibuya, one of Tokyo‘s main shopping zones, Aesop recently relocated to new and more spacious premises. Now situated alongside Meiji Dori, one of the area’s most important thoroughfares, on the ground floor of a mixed-use building from the 1980s.

The premises were first stripped bare and the exposed concrete shell now serves as a contrasting backdrop of the new setting. Most furnishings are suspended and interconnected by design, lending the design a distinct lightness, as if it has been inserted into the space. An elongated wooden shelving system swoops across the back and side wall, and incorporates subtle light spots in a curved upper edge to highlight the orderly rows of merchandise below.
Taking centre stage is a large sink, a signature element of all Aesop stores,is also crafted from wood and has a clearly exposed metal undercarriage that matches the concrete shell. The left side of the boutique sees more shelving and yet another sink, both interconnected overhead, and with a similar a curved upper edge that incorporated lighting.

Source | Superfuture



11th February 2019

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