adidas opens first Asia Pacific flagship store in South Korea

To create a “Home of Sport” with closer connections and deeper resonance with local customers, adidas extracted local Korean elements and blended them with its brand personality in this groundbreaking flagship. Situated on the bustling streets of Myeongdong and surrounded by the cooking aromas of small food stalls, this store creatively conveys the core values of friendliness and inclusiveness from the overarching concept of “Home of Sport”.


Based on the powerful and versatile ceiling track system of adidas, the design team made alterations to the ceiling to add an airiness to the space. On top of this, the varied ceiling treatments effectively created a boundary from above, instinctively dividing the open product display combinations on the ground floor.

The display area of adidas Originals features the professional display of classic adidas footwear, whilst the City Shop and Seoul Lab, which were co-created with the adidas retail link team, offer services exclusive to the city flagship.

Source | Retail Focus


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Lucy Mister

29th June 2023