Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate, the Dutch eyewear brand and retailer, has revamped the store that it started it’s retail life with five years ago in Amsterdam.
The brand, which takes its name from Acetate, the material used for the majority of the frames it sells, has worked with a local interior designer to reimagine the store and to make it appropriate to its largely millennial following.

Practically, this means a white box with freestanding mid-shop floor-to-ceiling walls that are intended to look like acetate. A number of these are movable, meaning that the store is capable of being easily reconfigured if Ace & Tate opts to stage an in-store event.

This is, of course, an optician, so as well as looking the fashionable part, there are two fully-equipped rooms where eye tests can be conducted. Screens have also been incorporated into the interior, bearing details and history of the brand and its development. There is also a street-facing booth for those wishing to return ordered frames that prove unwanted.

Source | Mind Mag



16th November 2018

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