A.P.C. marks its entry into the Philippines’ fashion scene

Parisian chic and understated elegance have found a new home in the bustling city of Manila as A.P.C. marks its entry into the Philippines’ fashion scene with
the unveiling of its inaugural store at Power Plant Mall in Makati City. The store’s design language resonates with A.P.C.’s distinct identity—a delicate fusion of openness and rawness.


Crafted as a wood and concrete showcase, the space boasts a stunning wall constructed from stacked light wood logs, ingeniously serving as a backdrop for showcasing A.P.C.’s exquisite jewellery and small accessories. Notably, it also features a captivating exhibit highlighting the art of vegetable tanning, a  prominent technique employed in crafting the brand’s luxurious bags and accessories.


Upon stepping inside, visitors are greeted with a tasteful display of the women’s and men’s collections, suspended gracefully on minimalist racks, creating a seamless and uncluttered shopping experience. Positioned at the centre are two awe-inspiring pyramid-shaped displays, crafted from meticulously stacked
logs, housing the brand’s coveted bags, classic T-shirts, and iconic jeans. This thoughtfully designed layout ensures that A.P.C.’s timeless pieces take centre stage, drawing fashion enthusiasts and discerning shoppers into an inviting world of its minimalist appeal.

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Lucy Mister

11th August 2023