A new Electa bookstore at Rome’s Colosseum is among the latest opening of the Electa’s expansion within Italy

The new bookshop concept for Electa took over four spaces of the Colosseum archaeological park: Colosseum First Gallery, Second Gallery, San Gregorio al Palatino and Clivo Palatino. While each space has a distinct identity, the intervention features a unifying language comprising a light furniture system that brings simplicity and modularity to the displays.

The design of the spaces adapts to the original architecture, with curved layouts following the Colosseum’s structure and windows framing the ancient ruins. The system can be adapted to each space and responds to every display need.


The design is defined by perforated metal sheets in bold colours. The concept follows five main elements, including wall displays and wall focus elements to spotlight specific products; double-sided central elements that divide and define the spaces and flow. Each store is characterised by a specific colour,
adding a sense of uniqueness to the different locations: sulphurous yellow for Colosseum First Gallery, scarlet red for Colosseum Second Gallery, green celadon for San Gregorio al Palatino, and yellow cadmium for Clivo Palatino.

SOURCE Wallpaper, 1st August 2023


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Lucy Mister

5th September 2023