A Colourful Birthday Bash Celebrating 23 Years Of Briggs Hillier

As an agency built on creativity, energy, and exceptional design, we marked our 23rd birthday in style on Friday, starting with a sophisticated “Paint & Sip” activity at the Cosy Club, followed by dinner at Middleton’s, and a lively indoor cricket experience at Sixes in Leicester!


We kicked off the celebrations by unleashing our inner artists! Through the guided Paint & Sip class, we were encouraged to paint a self-portrait which would evolve over the course of the session to reveal a unique and colourful masterpiece, with each stroke reflecting our artistic flair – all whilst sipping on our drink of choice!


“Using methods to get us painting from our subconscious to create some truly abstract pieces, and analysing what our art said about, was really fun!”

– Paul Sherriff, Senior Designer at Briggs Hillier


Following the artistic endeavour, a stop-off at Lane7 and a dinner at Middleton’s, we made our way to Sixes Cricket where we unleashed our inner Ben Stokes! Splitting into two teams, Briggs vs. Hillier, for some healthy competition, we worked together to try to score the highest number of points – and not give away too many wickets.

Hillier won!!

“It was great to get the team together for a bit of late night, competitive fun! ”

– Katie Hawkes, Senior Designer at Briggs Hillier


Briggs Hillier’s birthday celebrations served as an opportune moment to reflect on our remarkable journey spanning over two decades.

Over the years, we have consistently delivered exceptional design solutions and memorable brand experiences for our clients – as well as introducing a force of young designers and new creative talent into the rich and multi-faceted industry of retail design.

Cheers to 23 years of brand experiences, innovative design and unleashed creativity! Explore our portfolio of work.

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Lucy Mister

11th July 2023