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Interactive Digital Experience

Designed to ‘bring product to life’, strong digital content surrounds the products capturing the persona of the sub-brands. Interactive elements allow shoppers to navigate product information, play campaign videos and trigger content on big screens creating surprise and delight.

Retail Guidelines

In our role as retail brand guardians for technology giant HP, we have created over 20 sets of guidelines for distribution in more than 100 countries . Covering a broad range of subjects from branded space to merchandising and training manuals, the easy to follow guidelines support local teams in the drive for global consistency.

Total Care Centre

Created to focus on delivering market leading after sales care to HP customers in a premium environment, we created the concept for the HP Total Care Centre. Following the HP ‘look & feel’ but facilitating unique operational requirements we implemented centres in Dubai, Istanbul and London.

Brand store concept & roll-out

Based on a foundation of research and strategic direction, we created the design concept for HP brand stores in EMEA. Working with HP as a close retail partner, we proceeded to roll-out the concept to locations including Romania, Spain, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Russia and the Czech Republic.


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