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Spine Rooftop Bar


Posted by Beena

14th November 2018

This rooftop bar shines a new light on the Beirut nightlife.

Designer Gregory Gatserelia designed the rooftop bar that smartly uses light to point the way upwards. ‘I opted instead for a lighting structure with an upward aesthetic, to animate the sky and have the lights melt with the landscape.’

The installation is made of surprisingly simple materials – polycarbonate panel, concrete and steel, but makes for a grandly complex experience: it makes clubgoers feel like some synesthesia. Set to stun, the Tetris-like boxes start the evening with a monochromatic subtle hue and, as the night progresses, enter a dynamic mode with hundreds of colour variations competing with the music and the movement of the crowds.

To achieve that, Gatserelia and his team devised 6,000 address lights controlled via a DMX computer that programs every pixel individually, using video animation; the shows are also synchronized manually so that, as the DJ shifts from one track to the next, the light follows along.

Glass also covers the perimeter for safety, but it disappears at night as it creates a reflection, giving the crowd the impression of being suspended in space. ‘They’re so attracted by the light that they stop looking outwards.

Source | Frame


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