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Levi’s Women’s only store


Posted by Danielle

15th February 2019

The women’s only store features female rock bands at the back of the shop, green plants and a tonal mix of blue and white.

Denim brand Levi’s first UK store aimed just at women shoppers has opened at Bluewater in Kent. The design brief called for an ‘on brand’ experience that celebrated the diversity of the brand’s
female consumers, and their own style statements.

LED window signage highlights the personalisation services offered in the store as customer enter, with a ‘Started by us, finished by you’ message. Images from Levi’s campaign images aimed at women are printed on ply panels, canvasses and lightboxes.

Locally-born artist Jessica Sharville was commissioned to create bespoke murals in the fitting rooms of the store. The hand painted images aim to interpret ‘Levi’s-empowered women in all her
guises’. Visual focus points have been introduced throughout the store, including wall art and glass plinths which display white rocks and plants. Mannequins, wearing Levi’s products,
are on display.

Source | Retail Design


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