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Google Curiosity Rooms - a pop-up brand experience that really works!


Posted by Laura

12th December 2018

Google have launched a new smartphone; the Pixel 3. To promote the unique features and benefits Google have opened a month-long pop-up called ‘Curiosity Rooms’ on London’s Regent Street.

The installation is centred around ‘experience’ and the space hosts five weeks of workshops, talks and special events focused around health, mindfulness and millennial mindsets.

‘Make every day more extraordinary’ is the message surrounding the Pixel 3. The pop-up experience captures this with three floors filled with different activities, each one encouraging visitor’s to explore a different feature of the new smartphone.

Google Lens Laundrette

This ‘Instagrammable’ space focuses on the Google lens feature. Visitors hover over a washing machine drum using the lens feature of the smartphone and it instantly shows you a ‘product’ inside, along with product information and alternative options. However, you don’t need a washing machine to use this feature; point the Pixel 3 at a dog, a plant or a wide range of other objects and it will tell you all about it!

Pixedilly Café

The ‘Pixedilly café’ invites visitors to explore the digital wellness features of the Pixel 3, including ‘wind down’ which allows the user to set a chosen time for their screen to begin dimming, preparing for a restful night’s sleep.

The Grotto

On the first floor sits a hidden ‘Grotto’, which is a ‘set’ to have your photograph taken. With Christmas around the corner Google encourage users to dress up in Christmas jumpers and headpieces for their photo! This activity aims to showcase the Pixel 3 night sight camera feature. The lights within the ‘Grotto’ are turned off and photographs are taken with and without the night sight feature to demonstrate how a nearly pitch-black scene can emerge into a day light standard image.

Slide Away

Fun for all ages – who doesn’t love a slide?! This activity invites visitors to discover the Pixel 3 ‘top shot’ camera feature which takes numerous images to help you capture that perfect shot, with the option to instantly create a fun GIF.

As well as the above, visitors can attend events in the basement, shop the ‘Mini Mart’ on the first floor, discover workshops at the ‘Maker’s Studio’ or purchase Google products from the ‘Corner Shop’.

As the site includes twelve windows spanning Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus, Google have used this opportunity to project the Pixel 3 features directly onto the high street. Passers-by can view experiences including the ‘All-in auto wash’ where visitors can be seen discovering the group selfie camera feature.

The whole brand experience has been created to promote and sell the features and benefits of the Pixel 3, and it really works. What I did not expect before I visited was that I might actually consider moving away from all I have ever known; my beloved iPhone!


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